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How to Search

Use the Search tab to locate the information you're looking for within our database. Every article, FAQ, Calendar Event and HR Link has been carefully indexed so that individual items can quickly and easily be searched.

You can search by jurisdiction, category, keyword, article #, author name, date range, heading or event type (depending on the database you're searching).

Adding more criteria narrows your search. For example, a keyword search returns all entries containing the keyword in every jurisdiction, whereas a keyword plus a jurisdiction returns all entries containing the keyword in that jurisdiction and what is applicable nation wide.

A note about jurisdictions, when you select 'All' you will get results for every jurisdiction, including National and Federal. Not to be confused with selecting 'National', which will result in items that apply to all provinces and territories, including the federal jurisdiction.

Keyword Search
Using the keyword search, you can also look for a specific phrase or author name by enclosing the phrase in single quotes. For example, searching for the phrase 'Human Resources' will bring all the items matching that exact phrase. If you do not enclose the phrase in single quotes the result set will include every item that matched any combination of the words "Human" and "Resources". You do not need to put the word "and" between "Human" and "Resources", the search engine does that for you. You can also include brackets, dashes and other hyphens in the keyword.

Result Page
The search results have a summary at the very top of the page that gives you a breakdown of the item found grouped by four categories: Articles, FAQs, Current Calendar Events and Links. You can click on each category to view specific results.

The Search Engine is now more concise in the display of calendar events when you search for items in all categories. A search for a topic under all categories displays results for all items available for that topic under Library, FAQs, Calendar, and Links. But under the Calendar category you will only see events for the current year and going forward. However, if you search for events by specifying the Calendar category and do not choose a date range, you will see all calendar events listed on HRinfodesk, past, present, and future.

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