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Do I have to pay hours of work and the First Aid training course for an employee?

Do I have to pay hours of work and the First Aid training course for an employee?

Yosie Saint-Cyr LLB., Managing Editor, HRinfodesk, published by First Reference, October 2015

Under Occupational Health and Safety legislation and/or Regulations, first aid must be provided by first aid attendants appointed by the employer. The number of first aid attendants needed depends on the size of the workplace and the specific rules found in the law of the province or territory.

Workplaces must also have first aid supplies on-site.

In addition, employers must ensure their first aid attendants receive training that will teach them the necessary first aid skills and leave them feeling confident that they could respond to an emergency.

The training must be provided by a recognized agency.

But are employers required to pay the time employees are away for the first aid training? That was the question in one of our recent HRinfodesk poll.

The answer is simple; it is yes. Throughout the duration of the training, the employer must pay the employee the salary he or she would have received if he or she had been at work.

This applies in every jurisdiction in Canada.