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<Workplace posting requirements >

Workplace posting requirements

Yosie Saint-Cyr LLB, Managing Editor, HRinfodesk--- a database of Canadian payroll and employment law and compliance news, July 2012

As you all know by now, the Ontario Ministry of Labour has made it mandatory to post a health and safety poster in a conspicuous place in your workplace. There are other workplace posting requirements in Ontario and in other jurisdictions in Canada. That's why we wanted to find out if you knew what compliance posters to display or what information you need to give to employees.

Out of 212 respondents, 50 respondents did not know and 74 were not totally sure what compliance posters to display or what information to give employees.

I find this quite surprising, as it's important information employers should be providing already. Employees shouldn't have to look for this information on their own. Failure to comply with these posting requirements is a violation of the law under which posting is required.

But let us not dwell on that, but help you comprehend your posting and information requirements under the law.

In Canada, posting requirements vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction of the employer.

In general, these posting requirements summarize various employment laws by indicating to employees, among other things, their rights and responsibilities under the law. For employers, it summarizes their obligations and responsibilities under the law. In addition, some of these postings indicate workplace hazards and dangers identified in certain locations in the workplace, what protective equipment is required to enter certain locations in the workplace and certain prohibited actions in the workplace, like smoking.

Other posting requirements are required if certain events occur, like a mass termination, a decision made by a certain number of employees to vary from certain minimum standards or orders by the Ministry of Labour after an inspection or investigation in order to rectify certain violations, among others.

Furthermore, some required workplace policies (e.g., violence and harassment prevention under occupational health and safety legislation) must be posted in a conspicuous place in the workplace.

Many employment laws require employers to post posters, Acts, notices or workplace policies, in areas of the workplace that are conspicuous and accessible to all employees.

So post the required information in places where it's most likely to come to the attention of all employees, such as on bulletin boards in or near a break room, the company cafeteria and kitchen. If you have employees in multiple buildings, you may have to post the required information in multiple places to ensure that all employees have access to it.

These posting requirements are already available on HRinfodesk under "Posting Requirements and Enforcement," and in the Human Resources Advisor in the Quick Reference chapter. To obtain posting information for (login is required):

  • Ontario, click here
  • Western provinces, click here
  • Atlantic provinces, click here
  • Quebec and Federally regulated workplaces, click here

Employers are well-advised to become aware and understand their compliance with the posting requirements of their jurisdiction.