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HRinfodesk Past Polls — 2016

At HRinfodesk, we are always interested in the opinions of our subscribers. On our website we feature a question in our online poll that gives you a chance to share your opinion about a current topic in Payroll, HR or employment law best practices and/or compliance. IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in the Poll commentaries are current to the date of publication unless otherwise indicated by an updated date in the heading. Most of the commentaries will not be updated. Thus, at some point in time, the information in the poll commentaries may be outdated and should not be relied on.

Poll from the week of December 22, 2016
Are employment standards records retention rules, how and where to store them, and when and how you may destroy them clear?

Poll from the week of October 29, 2016
Do you think partisan political arguments causes problems in the workplace?

Poll from the week of September 22, 2016
Companies are watching their pennies. Are HR and payroll professionals spending time on compensation and benefits to save their organizations money?

Poll from the week of August 28, 2016
Do you have a workplace harassment policy and program that covers sexual harassment?

Poll from the week of July 31, 2016
In jurisdictions where the first Monday in August is not a public holiday, should it be? Or should it continue to be a day off at the discretion of the employer?

Poll from the week of June 24, 2016
Do you agree with the decision to expand the CPP?

Poll from the week of May 23, 2016
Do you apply the one month per year of service “rule” when you terminate an employee?

Poll from the week of April 25, 2016
Do you agree with this statement: Accessibility for people with disabilities is a basic human right, not a privilege

Poll from the week of March 18, 2016
Is HR policy and legislation too complicated for smaller businesses?

Poll from the week of February 14, 2016
Do you think your company is committed to a diverse workplace?

Poll from the week of January 9, 2016
How big a problem is sexual harassment in your organization?