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HRinfodesk Past Polls — 2014

At HRinfodesk, we are always interested in the opinions of our subscribers. On our website we feature a question in our online poll that gives you a chance to share your opinion about a current topic in Payroll, HR or employment law best practices and/or compliance. IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in the Poll commentaries are current to the date of publication unless otherwise indicated by an updated date in the heading. Most of the commentaries will not be updated. Thus, at some point in time, the information in the poll commentaries may be outdated and should not be relied on.

Poll from the week of November 28, 2014
What HR issue would you like explained in our next infographic?

Poll from the week of October 30, 2014
Should employers be able to hold employees’ off-duty conduct against them?

Poll from the week of September 22, 2014
When should you implement a personal protective equipment (PPE) policy?

Poll from the week of July 25, 2014
Do you have an HR policy manual and/or employee handbook in your workplace?

Poll from the week of June 14, 2014
Do you agree that workplaces should have a dress code?

Poll from the week of May 4, 2014
Would it be justified to cancel employees' vacation plans if there was too much work on?

Poll from the week of March 14, 2014
How big a problem is bullying and harassment in your organization?

Poll from the week of February 10, 2014
What HR factors or trends in your organization are you most concerned about?

Poll from the week of January 10, 2014
Does your organization require all new employees to sign an employment contract with a termination clause?