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HRinfodesk Past Polls — 2011

At HRinfodesk, we are always interested in the opinions of our subscribers. On our website we feature a question in our online poll that gives you a chance to share your opinion about a current topic in Payroll, HR or employment law best practices and/or compliance. IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in the Poll commentaries are current to the date of publication unless otherwise indicated by an updated date in the heading. Most of the commentaries will not be updated. Thus, at some point in time, the information in the poll commentaries may be outdated and should not be relied on.

Poll from the week of December 16, 2011
Have you complied with the accessibility standard for customer service under the AODA yet?

Poll from the week of November 18, 2011
What effects have accessibility changes had at your workplace?

Poll from the week of October 21, 2011
What changes have you made to your workplace to make it more accessible for persons with disabilities?

Poll from the week of October 7, 2011
Have you had to accommodate an employee with a disability?

Poll from the week of September 7, 2011
Can employers pay their salaried employees their regular weekly wages as vacation pay?

Poll from the week of August 5, 2011
If you receive a garnishee notice for an employee, do you need the employee's written permission before you deduct the required amount from wages?

Poll from the week of July 8, 2011
Probationary periods

Poll from the week of May 27, 2011
On what class/type of worker has your organization focused its hiring recently?

Poll from the week of April 15, 2011
How do you handle compensation for travel time for business-related reasons?

Polls from the week of March 11, 2011
HR staff demographics

Poll from the week of February 11, 2011
Regarding hours of work compliance, what is the most confusing issue?

Poll from the week of February 1, 2011
Has your company been negatively affected by workers' office romances?

Poll from the week of January 6, 2011
If your employees work eight-hour days, what is the total amount of time you allow for meal and other breaks?