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HRinfodesk Past Polls — 2010

At HRinfodesk we are always interested in the opinions of our subscribers. On our website we feature a question in our online poll that gives you a chance to share your opinion about a current topic in Payroll, HR, or employment law best practices and/or compliance. IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in the Poll commentaries are current to the date of publication unless otherwise indicated by an updated date in the heading. Most of the commentaries will not be updated. Thus, at some point in time, the information in the poll commentaries may be outdated and should not be relied on.

Poll from the week of December 17, 2010
When your employees work past age 65 does their benefits plan coverage stay exactly the same?

Poll from the week of November 12, 2010
Do you believe organizations should have the right to subject people applying for financial positions to credit checks?

Poll from the week of November 5, 2010
Should the federal government make Remembrance Day a public (statutory) holiday?

Poll from the week of October 15, 2010
Do you track any human resources metrics (e.g., productivity, absences, turnover, etc.)?

Poll from the week of September 17, 2010
The public holidays of Christmas, Boxing Day (Ontario and Federally Regulated only) 2010 and New Year's Day 2011 fall on weekends. How will you substitute these days?

Poll from the week of August 20, 2010
Does using an HRMS make your job easier, more difficult or the same as not using it?

Poll from the week of July 16, 2010
Does your company use a human resources management system?

Poll from the week of June 25, 2010
Has your organization complied with OHS workplace violence & harassment prevention (Bill 168) requirements yet?

Poll from the week of June 10, 2010
Should employers be worried about workplace romances?

Poll from the week of May 7, 2010
July 1, Canada Day, falls on a Thursday this year. Which option will you provide employees?

Poll from the week of April 9, 2010
Do you restrict the use of perfumes or fragrances in your workplace?

Poll from the week of March 19, 2010
In your opinion, are you allowed to communicate with employees while they are on an approved disability leave of absence?

Poll from the week of February 19, 2010
When drafting or updating your violence/harassment policies to meet legal OHS requirements (e.g., Ontario's Bill 168), are you creating individual policies or integrating your policies?

Poll from the week of January 29, 2010
An employer will not be liable for sexual harassment committed by managers or supervisors as long as it is not aware of the conduct: true or false?