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HRinfodesk Past Polls — 2008

At HRinfodesk we are always interested in the opinions of our subscribers. On our website we feature a question in our online poll that gives you a chance to share your opinion about a current topic in Payroll, HR, or employment law best practices and/or compliance. PLEASE NOTE: The information in the Poll commentaries are current to the date of publication unless otherwise indicated by an updated date in the heading. Most of the commentaries will not be updated. Thus, at some point in time, the information in the poll commentaries may be outdated and should not be relied on.

Poll from the week of December 15, 2008
Responding to the weakening economy, do you intend to scale back planned salary increases for 2009?

Poll from the week of December 1, 2008
Due to the current economic climate, are you intending to permanently lay off employees before the end of the year?

Poll from the week of November 10, 2008
Do you think it is appropriate to allow hands-free cellphones etc. while driving?

Poll from the week of October 20, 2008
This year, the public holidays Christmas (Dec. 25) and New Year's (Jan. 1) fall on Thursdays, and in Ontario and federally regulated workplaces, Boxing Day (Dec. 26) falls on a Friday. Do you intend to:

Poll from the week of October 6, 2008
The company holiday party is in the planning mode; what is your greatest challenge with planning such an event?

Poll from the week of September 8, 2008
Before terminating an employee, I study the personnel file to get the whole employment history...

Poll from the week of August 11, 2008
Are employers required to have an anti-harassment & discrimination policy, and train all employees on the policy?

Poll from the week of July 14, 2008
What is your organization's most successful recruitment source?

Poll from the week of June 16, 2008
How long must an employee be on long-term disability before you try to fill that position?

Poll from the week of May 26, 2008
In light of recent gas price increases, have you adjusted the per km reimbursement rate paid to employees for work-related travel?

Poll from the week of May 12, 2008
Should an employee be fired for giving away company "freebies" (low value items) as a goodwill gesture or promotion?

Poll from the week of April 21, 2008
With legislation to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving expanding to several jurisdictions, do you intend to implement a cell phone usage policy?

Poll from the week of March 17, 2008
What should you do if an employee refuses to sign an evaluation or written warning?

Poll from the week of February 11, 2008
Does your company consider social networking websites (LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace) useful business tools?

Poll from the week of January 14, 2008
In jurisdictions required to provide Family Day on February 18, 2008 (AB/MB/SK/ON), will you: