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HRinfodesk Editorial Policy

HRinfodesk provides information about employment and labour law across Canada, including payroll, benefits, policies and procedures, and human resources issues.

Our Goal
To provide a single access point to:
  • Current Canadian employment, labour and human resources information
  • The latest resources in the field of workplace/human resources
  • Quick news items
  • Sample forms, letters, policies and procedures
  • Insights into workplace issues from key sources

Website User Profile
Website users are small- to medium-sized businesses, including human resources professionals as well as those interested in workplace issues. The majority of users are not human resources professionals but have human resources responsibilities or are responsible and manage personnel within their companies. Most users work for companies with 100 or fewer employees.

Our Information Partnerships
Our information partnerships are developed through partnerships with key business/legal contacts and information sources. If you share your proprietary information with us, you will receive company acknowledgement, a website and email link, and a corporate description with each information item. A list of current and past contributors can be found at www.hrinfodesk.com/contributors.asp.

Our Editorial Content Guidelines
We will use information that:
  • Meets the needs of our current and potential members
  • Is of interest to individuals who are responsible for or manage personnel, including HR specialists
  • Is instructive, practical and educational
  • Is of interest to generalists, first-line managers, and small business owners who are interested in people management
  • Is accurate, factual, and reflects Canadian content
  • Reflects issues and trends in HR and people management
  • Is not advertorial or commercial in nature
  • Illustrates real-life work situations, such as case studies, legal commentary, etc.
  • Encourages knowledge-sharing, and is interactive

All information sources, references, and links are provided with the permission and/or acknowledgement of the sources. HRinfodesk and First Reference Inc. publishes its own information on the website, such as articles, fact sheets, samples, quick references, etc.

Do You Want to Become an Information Partner?
Contact HRinfodesk for more information at editor@hrinfodesk.com.

Do You Want to Submit Some Writing to HRinfodesk?
We accept original materials and articles prepared for the HRinfodesk website. Contact Yosie Saint-Cyr, managing editor of HRinfodesk, at editor@hrinfodesk.com about your proposal.

HRinfodesk Writing Tips
  • Focus only on the relevant facts. Be factual, honest, and non-advertorial
  • Be accessible; avoid techno-speak and jargon
  • Follow Canadian Press style guidelines as closely as possible with regard to punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, representation of numbers, etc.
  • Our policy is to use articles that are no longer than two onscreen page-downs. Any details or related documents should be represented as a link or a PDF attachment
  • We ensure that material is printer-friendly