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Why HRinfodesk?
HRinfodesk is your comprehensive online publication and news resource for Canadian payroll and employment law compliance

In the face of constantly changing legislation, regulations, policies, reporting and compliance requirements, HRinfodesk provides you with a single access point to find the answers you need.

Whether you have questions about new employment standards legislation, terminations, return-to-work obligations for an injured worker, or the most effective appraisal approach for your performance management process, HRinfodesk is your best, most current source of news and informed opinion about human resources, payroll and employment law issues.

With comprehensive coverage of all Canadian jurisdictions, HRinfodesk contains all Canadian federal, provincial and territorial employment legislation including employment standards, occupational health and safety, payroll, and benefits statutes and regulations. It also includes frequently asked questions, articles, training and conference calendar, sample personnel policies, HR forms, government forms, checklists, guides, and much more.

With HRinfodesk and its weekly e-newsletter the HRinfodesk Bulletin, you will be able to:
  • Read analyses of new legislation and amendments affecting human resources and business management
  • Find out what's new and get advance notice of proposed legislation/regulations at provincial, territorial and national levels
  • Access expert legal commentary and precedent-setting court decisions
  • Find out about violations to employment standards or health and safety, and learn from the mistakes
  • Bring compliance and best practices knowledge into your daily decision-making process
  • Save time and money on external research and legal fees
  • Avoid fines and negative publicity
HRinfodesk is the one comprehensive online resource you cannot afford to be without! Try HRinfodesk for FREE!