Sample Employment Letter with Probation Period

Filed on HRinfodesk---Canadian Payroll and Employment Law News, August 2004

Tips: In general, a "probation period" is for 90 days (which can be renewed (in writing) for another 90 days) before the need for termination pay and other responsibilities arise, depending on the province or territory of employment. The probationary period should be standard in every case.

Employment Letter


[Name of Employee]


Dear Mr./Ms. [Name of Employee]

Further to our recent discussion in this office, we are pleased to confirm our offer of employment and your acceptance of the terms set out below.

You will begin work with us on [Date] as [Job Title].

Your responsibilities will be to [Brief Description of Duties]. Your direct supervisor will be [Name and Title].

It is important to both of us that during your initial period of employment your ability to perform your duties be carefully assessed. Accordingly, we have agreed that the first [Ninety] days of employment represent a probationary period, during which either you or we may terminate your employment for any reason without notice and without the payment of any further benefits. During the [90]-days probationary period we will evaluate your work, including your interaction with colleagues and customers (if applicable) to determine whether you are suitable for the position. At the end of the three months a "Notification of Completed Probationary Period" about you will be prepared by your immediate supervisor stating if you have completed the probationary period successfully. If the probation period is completed successfully, the notification will state that you are suitable for regular employment as a permanent employee. If it has not been executed successfully, necessary steps will be taken to inform you of the results and begin the termination process.

Because the job is full time and requires a full-time commitment, you have agreed to work the hours required, which may vary from time to time, in order to meet the objectives of your position.

In anticipation that the job may evolve, over the course of time, you have agreed that your duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships and the location of your employment may be changed by the company from time to time, and that these changes will not affect or change any other part of this agreement, nor constitute the basis for a claim of constructive dismissal on your part.

Your salary will be paid [Bi-weekly] on the basis of [Amount] per year. In addition, you will be entitled to participate in the benefit plans made available by the company, and you can secure further information as to the current benefits by having reference to the benefit booklet, which is enclosed. Holidays, vacations, time off, and other related benefits will be in accordance with the company policy set out in the manual, a copy of which is accompanying this letter. The salary and benefits may change from time to time without affecting the other terms of your employment.

It is always difficult to consider termination at the beginning of a new relationship. However, having clear termination provisions provides security to both you and the company. Your employment under this agreement may be terminated after the completion of your probationary period, and any extension thereof, by you on the provision of [Amount] weeks' notice to the company. The company may waive the notice in whole or in part. If the company deems it appropriate to terminate the relationship, it can do so after the completion of the probationary period on giving you notice in accordance with the requirements of the Employment Standards Act of [Ontario], which currently provides for two weeks up to two years of service, and thereafter one week per year of service, to a maximum of eight. At its option, the company may give you pay in lieu of notice.

We confirm that this letter constitutes the entire agreement between us with respect to your employment, regardless of any informal discussions that may have taken place during the hiring process.

We look forward to you joining the team here at [Name of Company], and to working with you in the future.

Enclosed is our standard agreement regarding confidential information. Please return the confidentiality agreement, as well as a signed copy of this letter as soon as possible.

Yours very truly,

[Company Name]



I have read, understood and agree with the foregoing. I accept employment on the above terms and conditions.

DATED the [enter date] day of [enter month], 20[complete year].


[Signature of employee]